Digital Art Basic Facts
1, Human above-the-shoulder + background = >$500-$600
2, Whole body of human + background = >$800-1000
3, Super realistic whole body human + super detail background = >$1200+

※Everything will be sold as digital data (8K) and you will own it.
※If you would like to print the digital data on canvas or paper, there will be an additional charge depending on the material and size. 
※If you would like to a commissioned digital art for murals, production costs for the above digital art + printing costs

Hand paint Mural Basic Facts
Design fee + $25 per square foot of wall. 
※All paints and tools needed for the work are included.

I will get an advance payment 50% and I will produce a draft.
You can pay me for the other half when I have finished everything.

My Mural and Articles
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